Policy Index

Board Operations(b)

BA- Board Legal Status
BAA- Powers and Duties
BBA- Eligibility and Qualifications
BBB- Elections and Reapportionment
BBC- Vacancies on the Board
BBD- Board Internal Operation
BBF 2- Code of Ethics
BBG- Compensation and Expenses
BD- Duties and Elections of Board Officers
BE- Board Meetings
BEA- Notice Requirements
BEB- Recordings and Minutes
BEC- Closed Meetings
BED- Meeting Location
BEE2- Electronic Meetings
BJA- Superintendent: Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment
BJB- Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Superintendent
BJC- Evaluations of the Superintendent
BJD- Dismissal, Relief of Duties, and Suspension of the Superintendent
BKA- Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment of the Business Administrator
BKB- Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Business Administrator
BKC- Evaluation of the Business Administrator
BKD- Dismissal, Relief of Duties, and Suspension of the Business Administrator
BL- Administrative Personnel
BU- District Annual Reports

Business Management (C)

CAD- Revenue and Budgeting: District Audit Committee
CAF- Financial Reporting
CBK- Child Nutrition Procurement Procedures
CDC- Technology Partner Purchase Agreement

Human Resources (D)

DAD Employee Code of Conduct
DNA Child Nutrition Employee Health Policy


EAA- Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation: Adoption and Purpose
EBA- Term of Instruction: School Year
ECBB- Curriculum: Elective Instruction - Driver Education
EDC- Special Programs: Education of Youth in Custody

STudent RIghts(f)

FA- Equal Educational Opportunities
FBA- Eligibility and Admissions Requirements
FBB- Compulsory Education
FBC- Coordinating Services for School-Age Youth
FBF- Re-Entry Into Public Schools
FDA- Vision Screening
FDAB- Health Requirements and Services Immunizations
FDAC- Health Requirements and Services Medical Treatment
FDACA- Do Not Resuscitate Directives
FDACB- Student Self-Treatment for Asthma or Diabetes
FDACC- Students with Potentially Life Threatening Allergies
FDACD- Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents
FDACE- Student Self-Application of Sunscreen
FDAD- Communicable Diseases
FDAE- Students Infected with AIDS, HIV, or ARC
FDAF- Concussion and Head Injury
FDB- Youth Suicide Prevention
FDE- Student Wellness Policy
FDEA- Student Wellness Policy Addendum
FE- Student Records
FEA-Education and Family Privacy
FEC- Non-Custodial Parent’s Access to Child’s Education Records
FED- Student Data Protection
FH- Student Discipline
FHA-Safe Schools
FHAB- Sexual Harassment
FHC- Notification Received from Juvenile Courts
FI- Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
FJ- Students Leaving with Adult During School Hours

Community Relationships(G)

GA- Public Information Program
GCA- Conduct on School Premises
GCB- Community Support Groups
GCBA- Parental Participation
GCF- Animals On School Premises
GL- Released Time Classes